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"Much like a road, the more curves a woman has, the more dangerous she shall be...drive safely"



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When I shop, I've been known to be a total cheapo! Well maybe not a cheapo...I think the nuevo term for it is frugalista. So as a frugalista, I'm always thinking when I see something one place...there has to be somewhere that has it or something like it for less.

With that in mind, I've decided to do a new feature called CHEAP SHOTS where I'll list a less expensive alternative to a fab but slightly pricey item.


Stud Fringe Necklace by Honey and Hive. Available in Gold at PIPERLIME.COM, $44.


Tribal Pyramid Necklace. Available in Gold and Silver at FOREVER21.COM, $5.80


Which one do you like better???



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I ran across this story on Thread NY that the Kardashian sisters are soon to begin collaboration with QVC to create a line called K-Dash specifically for 'curvy' ladies. The quick post  originally noted that the sexy trio would be working with Janie Bryant (costume designer for Mad Men) to bring the line to fruition. They retracted that part of the story when Janie spoke out on her not actually being involved in the project.

I found this story interesting because although we all know the Kardashian girls are partially famous for being proud fans of their curves, it wasn't directly clear that their aspiring line was specifically going  'plus size'. Their idea of curvy may not mean the line will carry sizes 12 and up for sure. If it does I am excited to see what pieces they will be creating in their venture. My wonder is if they are genuinely making this line because of their passion for this market...or if they are just jumping on the bandwagon of larger size lines. Keeping my eyes peeled for more details!

What do you think though? Do you think Kim and the girls can be successful in creating a plus size line or is this an attempt to cash in on what many consider to be a new 'trend'?




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I'm up now recovering from an amazing night of dancing and crazy performances!

So my sister asked me to head out last night to a ‘bounce’ party at Coco66 in Greenpoint Brooklyn with her and her friend for his birthday. The party was to feature performances by Big Freedia, DJ Rusty Lazer and House of Ladosha. After a summer with only a handful of scandalous outings under my belt, I was more than happy to oblige. Unfortunately I had not done laundry like I was supposed to and was so not ready to just throw on any ole thang for a night of dancing. I rummaged through my clothes and couldn't figure anything out. Finally I found my yellow off the shoulder top by Zenobia that I purchased from Pay Half the summer before last for about $7 on sale. I remember one day a few months ago I found a couple of loose strings around the neckline and being the genius I am decided to PULL instead of CUT them off (always a horrible idea). Next thing you know the shirt looked like this…

I was so in love with it though that I vowed to sew the holes and never let go. Well that was in April…It is now August and that shirt still looks like Swiss cheese. I kept thinking while trying to decide on an outfit that I wish I owned more skirts and that’s when something clicked in my head…TURN THE SHIRT INTO A SKIRT. It was fairly simple…all I did was put in on, pull it down and tuck the sleeves inward. VOILA! Instantly I had a yellow mini with draping on the hips. The sleeves became my 'pockets' for the night and It looked something like this...

Some say this style isn’t flattering for a woman with wide hips nor is a bright bottom for thick thighs. I say its all about what you want to accentuate. I <3 my hips and my thighs aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, so while I got it…rock it! I still plan on sewing up those holes and making this a multi functional shirt/skirt. But it just goes to show once again that with a little creativity (and being in a fashion bind) a plan can always come together!

What do you think though? Did I pull this look off? Would you try it? I wanna hear your thoughts!




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I was introduced to Jibri not too long ago while reading Chastity Garner’s blog, The Curvy Girl's Guide to Style. Jibri is the brainchild of designer Jasmine Elder who created the line based on the concepts of meshing 'high fashion chic' with 'urban streek sleek'. The result is a tribute to old school silhouettes with modern fabrics and prints in sizes 14 - 24. The construction of her garments are flawless and each detail is ultra feminine and flattering to the curvy figure.

She recently broke her Fall 2010 line ‘The Third Floor’ and again, she does not disappoint. The shapes and alluring details are almost a definite must have for any wardrobe. The pieces retail from $110 to $240 and be found on her Etsy shop.

Here are my fave 3 picks from the Fall 2010 line…

Miltary Inspired Dress w/ Shoulder Detail. Available in Black and Mustard at JIBRI ONLINE in sizes 1 - 3, $160.

Abstract Printed Swing Dress. Available in Abstract Print at JIBRI ONLINE in sizes 1 - 3, $210.

Chloe Top. Available in Black, Green, Grey, Mustard and White at JIBRI ONLINE in sizes 1 - 3, $110.






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A good pair of jeans is something that every girl should have year round. If you can get that perfect pair in more than one color buy it, two of each if you can afford to! Cherish those jeans like your first born and never let go. I've been on a search for THE perfect jeans for years now. This fall I'm on a hunt for the perfect skinny or straight leg jean in dark denim. Ashley Stewart sells a really great slim cut pant that does magic for my figure. The problem is, I can never seem to find them in my size anytime I'm looking for them. Me and my evil thighs treat our pants like tortured souls and they never last long. I actually owned a great pair of distressed Lane Bryant jeans in a light wash for about a year. They fit me so great that I wore them almost everyday until rips formed on the inner thighs too. At first I sewed these up, only to have my thighs eat through the stitching once more. At that point I gave up and rocked those thigh rips like they were the style with black leggings underneathe. Finally one day one of my close friends saw me and bluntly said "Oh No...that is just hurtful". Um? OUCH! I thought I was being bad ass! "It could be" she said "But now its officially OVER boo boo!". Wow! Welp needless to say out those pants went...And here I am...back at square one.

With all the buzz of Levi's CurveID Jeans I decided to check them out. I gingerly headed over to the main Levi site. Poo Poo for me when I found out they don't come in plus sizes (rolling eyes). But I did check out their plus size section and found quite a few pieces that could be worthwhile. I've never owned a pair of Levi's Jeans EVER and think it may be time to give in...and try them on out. Below are three pairs that I am hoping to get my hands on this Fall. Once I get my hands on them, hopefully they shall fit, my thighs will make peace with the denim and all of us will have a happy ever after. (DREAMS)

Perfectly Shaping 512 Straight Jeans. Available at LEVI.COM in Dark Rinse, sizes 16-24. $43.

542 Skinny Jeans. Available at LEVI.COM in Grey Charm, sizes 16-24, $45.

542 Skinny Jeans. Available at LEVI.COM in Dark Rinse, sizes 16-24. $45.







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I remember there was a time in my life that you couldn't get me to put on jewelry  even if it would save me from a raging monster on 42nd Street. I spent the majority of puberty in a tomboy phase and it wasn't until my senior year of high school/first year of college that I really began falling in love with actually wearing accessories. These days you can't catch me in the street without at least a pair of earrings and a bracelet on. I feel like someone stripped me butt naked in the winter if I forget my studs! With this love of accessories I have learned that every woman needs a few things in her jewelry wardrobe at all times (which I'll post about later). One of those items is a statement necklace. This is  that one piece that turns heads, starts conversations or just hopefully brings life to an everyday outfit. In my search for one statement necklace that I absolutely needed for the Fall, I came across this gem by Bebe...

Mesh Leopard Print Necklace. Available at BEBE.COM in Black/Silver. $74.

Now if you didn't already know, Leopard print is expected to be a big trend this coming Fall 2010. But, is this too much? For me..NO!!! I'm honestly in love with the madness of this thing! It's almost like a glittery gang bandana around her neck! I feel a little danger just looking at it. Do you feel that?! Ok probably not (boo for you!). I feel something like this, when worn properly, can save any dull outfit and bring that little bit ROAR to it.

One thing to keep in mind, as a rule of thumb when choosing necklaces, if you have a big chest you should make sure your piece sits either above the cleavage or is heavy enough to lay flat over it. Anything lightweight will just fall right between your hooties and get lost in the abyss. We don't want that. This necklace looks like it might be lightweight, so I believe it should be worn with a higher cut neckline. This allows it to not have to battle it out with your breasts for attention and be the focal point of your get-up.


What do you think tho?...Would you go there with this?

Is it a go or a hell no???



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So I was poking around on YouTube and aside from looking up the latest dance crazes (Yes, I do the Dougie on occasion...Don't judge) I came across the video below. Apparently a Georgia Peach went to the salon to get herself sexified last week with a mani/pedi and eyebrow wax. When she got her bill, she was charged an extra $5...just for being chunky! Now I know my blog was intended for plus fashion, shopping and good ole times, but this story definitely caught my attention

Check it out the video below...

<object height="350" width="425" data="http://www.youtube.com/v/7jBzQI1DcMM" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> <param name="data" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/7jBzQI1DcMM" /> <param name="src" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/7jBzQI1DcMM" /> </object>


To give my opinion, I feel as though the client should have been pulled aside before she received any service and advised of the business' policy for larger customers. I mean hey, if she was too heavy for the chair, so be it. But don't wait until I'm done lookin' fresh and feelin' fancy to tell me my behind was too big for your crappy machinery and force me to pay you! COME ON! The salon owner's reaction to the whole deal kind of set me off. Not only was she rude and obnoxious about it, but she had no qualms about telling this PAYING customer to take her business on. Well MISS, don't you think it would have been professional of you to tell someone you didn't want their business before taking their hard earned money?

This does bring up some interesting questions. Is this discrimination or a necessary precaution to cover potential lawsuits? Would you have paid the bill after hearing of the 'chubby' surcharge?

I want to hear your comments on this one!



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I created this post back in June when I originally started my blog. It was suggested to me that I break it down into different posts because it was so long. That idea was cool at first, until I never got the chance to finish off the series. So now I’m bringing back in one super long but informative post. I want you all to read along and hopefully take away some info on Becoming a Titty Connoisseur.


I’m pretty sure everyone has heard the statistic that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. But what about those who are also wearing the wrong TYPE of bra? Or maybe…(goodness dare I say it?) NOT WEARING <st1stockticker></st1stockticker>ONE<st1stockticker></st1stockticker> AT <st1stockticker></st1stockticker>ALL<st1stockticker></st1stockticker>!

Back in the day (and by back I mean like 3yrs ago) I worked on the floor for retailer in the lingerie section. Along with shuffling through piles of big lace panties and directing kinky ladies on where to find corsets for their late night rendezvous, I had to master the art of Bra Measuring. After having to wrap my tape around all sorts of breasticles, I soon became somewhat of a Titty Connoisseur. Ok, maybe I shouldn't go that far. But I definitely learned a lot more about them then I ever thought I would. I've seen and spoken to all types of women about their dilemmas. No woman is the same as the next and neither is her chest. Biggies on small bodies. Smallies on biggies, chubby boobs, flapjacks, lopsided, Apples, Melons, Boulders. Name it. We are all out there.

One of the main reasons this topic is so dear to me because as plus size women, we sometimes tend to underestimate the importance of having great foundation on our upper bodies. The right type of bra elongates the torso and thus can create a slimming effect in the midsection. Most importantly, having your breasts in the right place will help sustain better posture and put less stress on your back. And for the fashion aspect of it, the right bra makes your overall appearance more put together and polished.

With that being said...lets get down to business...


Some women are in denial of their neediness in this department. A couple of ways to know you need a new bra are the following…

*Breasts are popping out the top, falling out the sides or bottom of the bra (too tight/small)

*Breasts moving around too much in the cup of the bra (too big)

*You’ve adjusted the straps and they are STILL digging in the shoulders (straps are too tight, too short)

*On your last clasp and feeling too tight or On your first clasp and feeling too loose.

*Your breasts look like two traffic cones that got knocked over in a horrible driving test (no support at all)



The general idea is to get measured 1-2 times a year. This is especially important because as women our bodies change regularly due to weight loss/gain and hormones. Despite some myths, your breasts change with the rest of your body so take the time to get measured and figure out the right type of bra you need. Also the larger or heavier your breasts are, the more ‘stress’ you will be putting on the bra itself causing faster 'breaking down' of the elastic and overall structure. If you have one bra that fits well, buy more than one and alternate regularly as to not wear one out as fast.



Generally speaking it is best to have someone else measure you. But if you insist on taking the hands on approach, that’s cool too.

When measuring you should make sure of a few things.

*You should have on a bra. If your breasts are already standing up to perfect attention, this may not apply, to the rest of my heavy chested sistahs…put one on.

*Make sure you are standing up straight. This will give a better band measurement.

*Be sure to measure with either just your bra or a t-shirt on. Heavy sweaters, winter coats or metal armor are not suggested.

*If you are measuring yourself, it is best to do so in front of a mirror. This way you can see exactly what you are doing.

<op></op><op></op>The first measurement you will need to take is your bust. Start with a tape measure in the center on your breast at the nipple (this is the fullest part of your bust). Go straight around your body, across your back and then meet the other end of the tape back in the center of your breasts. Mark down the number of inches.

The second measurement will be your 'band'. Again start with tape measure in the center of your chest but this time you will measure underneath your breasts across your rib cage. Be sure to keep the tape straight and go around your body, across your back and then back to the center. Mark down the number of inches again.

The measurement you took around your rib cage will be your band size, the difference between the two measurements will give you your cup size. If you happen to end up with an odd number for your band, this is fine. Simply go up to the next even size. If any of this sounds confusing I'll use myself as an example. My first measurement (bust) is 47”, the measurement underneath my breasts (band) was 42. 47 - 42 = 5". A 5" difference in the measurements equates do a DD cup so my size would be 42DD.The chart below outlines how the difference in your measurements will translate into a range of cup sizes…


One of my fave sources for Plus Size Bras, www.HerRoom.com has a comprehensive list of cup size translations for various brands and you can check it out here.

I surfed the web and found this awesome video by European Full figure specialty site www.BraStop.com that includes some great tips on how to make sure your brassiere is fitting correctly. Watch and take additional notes... (P.S. I love this lady's accent! "Tug and a jiggle" lol)

<object height="350" data="http://www.youtube.com/v/uPwmcA_qmEQ&feature" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425"> <param name="data" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/uPwmcA_qmEQ&feature" /> <param name="src" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/uPwmcA_qmEQ&feature" /> </object>


WHAT TYPE OF BRA TO GET<st1stockticker></st1stockticker> <st1stockticker></st1stockticker>

When you know what size you are the next step is to figure out what type of bra to get. In my opinion, every woman will need several types of bras. But overall this will depend on your personal style and the function you need it to perform.

If you are mostly working in an office wearing more modest shirts and blouses or need something to wear on a regular day, a Full Coverage bra will work best for you. Full coverage is exactly what it sounds like, the support will be for the entire breast area, exposing less cleavage and providing full support around the body and back.

If you are wearing a lot low cut tops you may need a Balconette style bra. A Scandalous bosom revealing top? A Cleavage Enhancing bra may be your speed. And of course if you will be doing moderate to high level exercise, a Sports bra is crucial. If you are wearing anything with tricky straps or no straps at all, it would be best to invest in a Convertible bra as well.

A lot of women have a specific preference for the type of fabric they put on their skin. Cotton or any breathable material for your Sports bra is most important because of the level of activity you will be doing. You need something to wick away sweat and not trap perspiration. For your everyday bra, if you find a fabric that agrees with your skin, go with it.



I have heard many debates regarding this issue. There is a great misconception that Underwire bras are not healthy and can cause Cancer. This is not true and furthermore, there is no scientific evidence to support the claim. For women with large breasts, underwire bras will provide the best support for you. If you prefer wire-free, fret not, there are actually many lines created with improved structure and can hold you up in place with no wire involved. However, keep in mind the heavier those thangs are, the greater your chances that the bra may need to be alternated or replaced more often.



A molded cup bra is one that contains a contoured insert in between the outer and inner lining of the bra. The insert is formed in the shape of a breast. This type of bra is usually seamless and will give you a nice smooth look under your clothes. The seamed cup bras do not contain any inserts and actually come either seamed or unseamed. The seams are structured into two or three parts to add the support you need. The unseamed cup usually has two layers of fabric and allows the natural shape of your breasts to show.

From my experience in dealing with lingerie, women with big breasts tend to be intimidated by the molded up bra. The misconception is that they will make your breasts look bigger because they look HUGE on the hanger. Molded cup bras will NOT make your breasts look bigger than they already are. They just hold you up and in place and give you a nice rounded shape with less jiggle involved. Another good thing is that they reduce the appearance of your ‘headlights’ when it gets a little chilly in the room.


NOTE: It is suggested that you go braless at least 12hrs of the day to allow for better circulation to your breasts. For many of us, this is simply unrealistic given our schedules that won’t allow us to snatch our bras off and shake our juggies that often. So what to do? When you are in the house or going to sleep, take that sucker off! Or switch to what I like to call a ‘house bra’. This is that craptastic bra you didn’t wanna let go of that lost the wires a long time ago, has a missing hook in the back and you’d never want your lover seeing in your drawer. Just wear it because it’s comfortable enough to keep your 'girls' in one place while you’re in the house. Just please don’t wear it outside!



I actually get surprised when I hear from women that they can’t find a bra in their size or that fits them. Ladiesss! This is IMPOSSIBLE!!! Surprisingly enough, if you do a Google search right now, you will find more sites for lingerie than you will for plus size jeans. (Go figure huh?). If you’re just getting started on your search for a good bra, I would suggest you go to your local lingerie shop to try on a couple of sizes and styles first if you are uneasy about just ordering online. If you feel confident in your size there are many great places online to check for bras. The following are a few sites with a great selection of larger sized bras…











It may sound funny that anyone over the age of 16 doesn't know how to 'tend' to her bras but you'd be surprised at some of the things women have told me they have done to their bras in the past. From throwing them in the dryer to "Just Febrezing" them (<st1stockticker></st1stockticker>OMG<st1stockticker></st1stockticker>! EW! You crazy heffer!!!). I beg of you to never do either of these things. Below are some tips on how to properly care for your bras...


When it comes to washing your bra, it is always important to follow the instructions on the tag. If it states to hand wash, it is best to do so. Otherwise, machine washing is perfectly fine when done properly. I find Woolite to be a good detergent for lingerie but if it doesn't agree with your skin or you just don’t like it, choose another solution. Liquid is better than powder in this case because it dissolves quicker and won’t harden the fibers. Bleaching your bras also isn’t recommended.

WASHING MACHINE - The biggest factor here is making sure you always use a lingerie bag. If it’s bra with hooks, make sure all the hooks are together before placing in the bag. Loose hooks can get caught and rip the holes in your lingerie bag or snag material on the rest of your bra.

Also, make sure you to put the machine on the Delicate cycle. Extra agitation can twist and bend the wires out of place or easily ruin the inserts in molded cup bras.

<st1stockticker></st1stockticker>BY HAND  <st1stockticker></st1stockticker>– Most fancy bras recommend washing by hand. Just fill your sink with water (preferably cool or warm, not hot) along with your detergent. Swish it around for a little while, rinse with cool water and then squeeze out the extra water. If it’s an underwire bra, Pretty please don’t wring the heck out of it when you are squeezing out the water. Instead just roll it up in a towel to get the extra moisture out.

DRYING – Don’t put your bra in the dryer. I really don’t care what people tell you. Just <st1stockticker></st1stockticker>DON<st1stockticker></st1stockticker>’T DO IT. It is no good. Unless it’s your crappy house bra that you don’t care about…don’t put it in the dryer. If you do it on a regular basis, All that extra heat is going to ruin the fabric and mess with the quality of the elastic. Instead, hang your bra up on a line to dry in front of a fan. You use less energy doing this as well.


I personally only wear molded up bras and a sports bra to work out in. I like the feeling of knowing my boobs are in one place when I go outside and not putting on a bouncing show for their onlookers. But that is just me. Anywhoo, these are my two favorite bras of all time…

Cacique Smooth Balconette Bra. Available at www.LaneBryant.com in sizes 36C - 46DDD, $34 - $44.


Cacique Smooth Full Coverage Bra. Available at www.LaneBryant.com in sizes 36C - 46DDD, $34 - $42.

I've been wearing these two bras for years and they have never let me down. I own pretty much every color they've come in (except the Navy) and they have always offered me the best support with no problems. Now again, everyone's breasts are different so they may not work for you. But anytime I've ever suggested them to someone, they've worked out great. So it's definitely worth a looksie.

I must admit, I have yet to find THE best sports bra yet. I have tried a few and nothing has been my favorite yet. When I do find that very special one, I am going to blog all about it. Until then here is one that I've tried that is pretty good...


Elomi Energise Underwire Sports Bra. Available at www.LindasOnline.com, $64.




Overall, I encourage anyone who is having problems finding a bra to do online research, read reviews and go to stores to try on. Don’t get discouraged when one place doesn't have what you are looking for, just go somewhere else or ask around. Getting your bra game in order is important ladies. Having on a good bra is the core element in the foundation of building any great outfit. If you want to look hot, you gotta start at the top! *CHEESE*


Do you have any other places you like to shop for bras? Any suggestions for great ones? What is your favorite bra? Let's hear it.

Drop your comments for me :)





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I wanted to start a weekly post to honor and awe a Kurvy gal that I feel is doing their thing either in designing, modeling, or just plain walking down the street.

As soon as I laid eyes on the cover of Plus Model Magazine earlier this month, I couldn't take my eyes off the image Denise Bidot. If she looks at all familiar to you it may be because she is also the face of HipsAndCurves.com, a go to site for sexy and sumptous lingerie. Denise is a make-up artist turned plus model and in the PMM article seems to be very smart, humble and down to earth.

Catch the fever in her pics below...



Is it just me or is she is KILLING that bustier?

Well I now have a mysterious urge to go lay down on a rooftop somewhere and seductively run my fingers through my hair. Don't mind me though, I'll be back with more posts later.

In the meantime, For more info on Denise and additional fab plus fashion info, check out WWW.PLUSMODELMAG.COM