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"Much like a road, the more curves a woman has, the more dangerous she shall be...drive safely"



Tue, 08/03/2010 - 4:08PM by KurvayshusB 0 Comments -


While demolishing the chicken and veggie wrap I left in my office fridge overnight for lunch (ohhh I may need to pay homage to bathroom stall #3 in a few hours, pray for me), I happened to notice that we had the new issue of InStyle Magazine. At first I didn’t realize who was on the cover because from upside down it looked like Gabrielle Union. I know…RANDOM. But once I flipped it over, it was actually the ever-fabulous Jennifer Hudson. The special Makeover issue hails and praises the singer/actress as being Makeover of the Year. Now of course we are all well aware that Hudson has been the face of Weight Watchers for the last few months. In doing so, she has gone down from a size 16 to an 8. In the 9 page feature, When asked if she faced any backlash for the body change, Jennifer had this to say…

“ Yes, I got fussed at. All the big girls were like, "Jennifer's not in the Big Girl Club anymore." Yes I am, and I'm going to keep my curves! I love me, and as far as being confident, I was just as confident however many pounds ago, however many sizes ago, as I am now.”

Now I must admit, at first I was one of those people giving her the side eye on the loss. Not because I’m some self-righteous fatty that thinks everyone should be on Team Chunk. But instead because I honestly didn’t think she was that big! To me, her size didn’t seem to be stopping her from getting any work or recognition for her talents. So what gives lady?! After reading the article though, I have a better understanding of why she did it and respect her for making the positive change for her health, not her image.

I feel like as plus size women, we are so protective of our celebrities that we can sometimes be too judgmental when it comes to decisions on their body. Like they were supposed to ask our permission first before they crossed over. I say we need to commend women like her for wanting to be a healthier version of her and not trying to upkeep something she felt was no longer good for HER. On top of that, to me the change wasn't THAT drastic or extreme. Size 16 to 6 sounds like a lot but its not like she started out at 300lbs and went down to 130. I would've dropped a house for her if I heard that! Bottom line though, to the negative comments I say let Ms. Hudson llliiivvveee. She didn't lose her sparkle and is still sexy, sassy and curvalicious, just check the pic below (meow!).